One of the newest options for getting your packages is using a parcel locker solution, which allows you to pick up your packages whenever you have time. You should make sure that you know how the smart locker software works and how long you have until it needs to be picked up. Also, you need to be aware of the various payment methods that you can use to pay for your package that you have sent here.

What is it?

The self service locker technology is still relatively new and it is an automated delivery terminal for packages. This allows you to be able to pick up the package whenever you have the time since there are numerous locations to choose from. They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are found in some of the most commonly used locations like official or residential complexes and even metro stations.

Pickup Process

You will be sent a notification to your phone number when the package that you have ordered is ready in the smart lockers USA. From the time that it is put into the intelligent lockers you have 72 hours or 3 days to pick it up and you will receive notifications until you have picked it up. When you get the notification that your package is ready, then you will get an OTP through email or SMS that you would need to input to get the package out. Also, when the package has been picked up, then you would be sent a confirmation mail to let you know.


There is no cost for the use of the e-locker technology, but you can pay for your package in various when ways you pick it up. You can pay for the package before it is shipped, but you should be aware of the payment methods that are available for COD, including:


· UPI based payment

· PayTM

· Credit or debit card

Unlike other COD options you can’t give cash, but instead you can use one of these methods to pick up and pay for your package. Make sure to have one of these options ready to make the payment for your package and all debit and credit cards are accepted.


 You should make sure that if you are thinking about trying out the smart locker solutions that you know what is what. You should ensure that you know what they are and where you can find one, including in some of the most popularly visited locations. Also, you should know the pickup procedure and how long you have to grab your package, which requires an OTP that will be sent when it is delivered. You must also make sure that you have one of the payment methods accepted to pick up the package.

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